Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lose Weight & Save Money

One of the most simplest ways to increase your fuel efficiency is to reduce the weight of your car. Cleaning up your car can lead to fuel savings. If you look at how much unnecessary weight is in your car, you are really looking at money fly out the window when you drive.

The general rule is that for 100 pounds that you can reduce from your vehicle, you can further reduce your gas mileage by roughly 2%.

A slightly more expensive way to do this is to purchase aluminium wheels and low profile tyres. These can reduce the weight of your vehicle and thus making it more efficient.

However there are cheaper options such as taking out your case of CD's that you don't listen to. Removing Tools and Luggage from your trunk. Sports Equipment that you don't use that often. Sure it may be a slight inconvenience when you need it. But saving money is the name of the game.

So Every pound count, that's why its important to eliminate unnecessary weight wherever possible. The more weight your pulling, the more money you are spending on fuel.