Sunday, 17 April 2011

Welcome - Start our Engines for Savings.

Welcome to the first post in what I plan to be many posts on how we can save money on our automobiles. As times are getting tougher and fuel prices are going up. I'm going to go through different ways that you can save money on your car.

I'm a student who is always looking at ways to save money and over the last few years i've done lots of research which i'm more then happy to share with you all so you too can get out on the road without it burning a hole in your wallet.

Over the next few posts i'll cover different methods that can be used to gain savings on your car, and cover also new things in the automotive world. Some are innovations that hopefully will save us money in the future. We will cover topics from DIY tips, simple money saving things you can do, look at different ways to maximise your insurance claims, maybe even get away with paying those parking fines or DUI. We will cover all parts of the spectrum as long as it can save us all money.


  1. Looks like this might be a pretty useful blog. Following.

  2. oh PLEASE help me with this, i have so much trouble filling my tank now'a days, and i have a 50$ or so budget for my gas fund, and it's like almost nothing! and i drive a 98 corolla for pity's sake!

  3. just got a big 400 dollar bill for my car so this'll help a lot!

  4. you can use paraffin and cooking oil in diesel engines. Bio fuel is relatively cheap also